For Pets

The level of Hyaluronan or Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in your pet’s body diminishes with age, particularly in overweight animals. Performance animals who are very athletic such as greyhounds or sheepdogs may also require more HA than a house pet.

The HA in LubriSyn HA is extracted from a non-animal, microbial source, resulting in a high molecular weight purified liquid supplement.

Easy to administer orally, or simply top dress food.

Purest HA supplement on the market.

Ideal for ageing and elderly animals.

Replenishes the supply of bio-available HA.

LubriSyn HA Plus

After recently celebrating a ten year anniversary of the LubriSyn Family of Products, Halstrum, and LLC have just launched LubriSyn HA Plus.

LubriSyn HA Plus, which is still a Hyaluronic Acid supplement, has now added MSM.

LubriSyn is recommended for daily supplementation in pets.