Some frequently asked questions about Lubrisyn HA+

What makes LubriSynHA unique?

LubriSynHA is an exceptional liquid oral joint supplement crafted from high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This premium formula is designed to nourish and support healthy joints by maintaining robust synovial fluid.

What exactly is hyaluronic acid (HA) and how does it function?

Hyaluronic acid, or hyaluronan, is a clear, viscous substance naturally produced by the bodies of all mammals. It’s abundantly found in skin, eyes, and joints, where its primary role is to retain moisture, ensuring tissues remain well-lubricated. This substance forms the core of synovial fluid, which cushions healthy joints. As age or injury takes a toll, this fluid breaks down, causing discomfort and inflammation. Regular intake of high-molecular weight liquid hyaluronic acid can replenish this fluid, significantly alleviating discomfort.

Why is HA a superior ingredient for joint health support?

While glucosamine and chondroitin contribute to maintaining healthy connective tissues like cartilage and ligaments, they do not support synovial fluid. HA stands out as the sole ingredient that fulfils this crucial role.

Why is LubriSynHA in liquid form, and why is it superior to pills or powders?

LubriSynHA is liquid for several reasons:

– Natural State: Hyaluronic acid is naturally a liquid, and when turned into pills or powder, it undergoes dehydration. Rehydration within the body is necessary for utilization, often resulting in slower and less effective outcomes.
– Enhanced Absorption: Liquid HA is more readily absorbed by the body, with LubriSynHA being absorbed in the upper GI (mouth and upper mucosal), leading to quicker and more effective results compared to pills or powders.

What is the recommended dosage, and how do I administer it to my pet?

Pet dosage varies by weight due to their rapid metabolism. The recommended dosage is outlined below, with a suggested doubled dosage for the first week to ensure optimal absorption. Administer by placing on top of their food or using an oral syringe.

Is LubriSynHA palatable to picky animals?

The slightly sweet taste derived from natural sweetener glycerin makes LubriSynHA well-received by animals. Top-dress it on their food or administer with an oral syringe for fuss-free consumption.

How much HA is in a LubriSynHA dose?

Each daily dose of LubriSynHA contains 75mg of high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

What is the production process for LubriSynHA?

LubriSynHA stands apart from other liquid HA forms sourced from animals; it’s extracted from a microbial source in an FDA-approved facility. This method ensures LubriSynHA remains free from protein contamination, preserving its effectiveness, and guarantees it as a vegan product.

How soon can I expect to see results?

With our top-quality HA and liquid formulation, LubriSynHA works swiftly, and many users witness results in as little as 7-10 days.

LubriSynHA Ingredients:

Primary Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid for joint support.
Inactive Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate.
This thoughtfully crafted combination ensures LubriSynHA remains a reliable and effective solution for joint health.

Are there distinctions among equine, pet, human, and livestock products?

The formulations for pet and equine, and livestock are identical, differing only in dosage. While labelled separately, the human product is 20% more potent than other formulations, yet comprises the same safe ingredients.

Is it possible to administer too much LubriSynHA?

No, overdosing is not a concern as LubriSynHA is an all-natural product. In fact, animals with more severe arthritis often benefit from a higher dosage of LubriSynHA.

Can LubriSynHA be given alongside other supplements or medications?

Certainly. LubriSynHA all-natural composition ensures it can be safely administered alongside any other supplements or medications without the risk of interactions.

LubriSynHA vs. LubriSynHA Plus MSM: What Sets Them Apart?

LubriSynHA: Our signature formula featuring trusted hyaluronic acid for joint support.
LubriSynHA Plus MSM: Enhanced with MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) for additional support to connective tissues and anti-inflammatory benefit.

What is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)?

MSM, or Methylsulfonylmethane, is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Sulfur, a major component of MSM, plays a crucial role in the production of collagen and glucosamine—both vital for maintaining healthy joints. Our MSM product is especially beneficial for older animals with more severe arthritis or performance animals, aiding in accelerated recovery.

Dosage and Administration for Horses:

Daily Maintenance Dose: ½ oz (15ml) per day.
Juvenile Horses (under 1 year): 10ml per day.
Administration: Top-dress on feed or administer orally using a syringe or similar device.
Initial Week Recommendation: Double the dose to 1 oz (30ml) for optimal introduction to LubriSynHA. Ensure cleanliness when introducing into the bottle.

Palatability for Picky Horses:

LubriSynHA boasts a slightly sweet taste derived from glycerin, a natural sweetener. It’s a rare occurrence for animals not to enjoy the taste. You have the flexibility to top-dress it on their food or administer it using an oral syringe for hassle-free consumption.

When to Introduce LubriSynHA to Your Pet:

You can start LubriSynHA anytime! Whether as a preventive measure for younger pets to maintain healthy joint function or for older pets experiencing joint discomfort, LubriSynHA is beneficial in both scenarios.

Safety for Pregnant Mares:

Certainly. LubriSynHA, being an all-natural product, is safe for consumption by pregnant mares.

Will LubriSynHA cause a positive test?

No, LubriSynHA is an all-natural product, ensuring it will not result in a positive test.

Understanding Adequan® and Legend®:

Adequan® and Legend® are both FDA-approved drugs designed to address arthritis or joint inflammation through injection. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Legend®: Formulated with hyaluronic acid, Legend® is administered either intravenously or

Adequan®: Comprising polysulfated chondroitin sulphate, Adequan® is also formulated for
intramuscular use.

Both products induce a temporary rise in blood concentration post-administration, returning to baseline levels within several hours unless the drug is re-administered (Popot et al., 2004).

Distinguishing LubriSynHA from Cosequin®:

No, LubriSynHA differs from Cosequin®. Here’s the distinction:

Cosequin®: Primarily composed of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, Cosequin® primarily targets cartilage health.

LubriSynHA: Focuses on the joint fluid, offering optimal support. While Cosequin® works on cartilage, LubriSynHA creates a conducive environment for healthy cartilage by maintaining the
health and viscosity of the joint fluid.

Shelf Life and Storage of LubriSynHA:

Yes, LubriSynHA can go bad. Like many liquid nutritional supplements, extreme hot or cold temperatures can lead to breakdown, making the product ineffective. It’s advised to store
LubriSynHA within a temperature range of 4 to 32 degrees Celsius. Avoid freezing or subjecting LubriSynHA to excessive heat to ensure its efficacy.